Parents Club

There are lots of opportunities to be involved with your school:

  • Attending the weekly assembly – 2.45pm Friday, be there, meet others, hear what’s happening
  • Helping out regularly in the classroom – ask your teacher
  • Help out at excursions or sports events – look out for request notices, or check with the teacher close to the event
  • Fundraising
  • Gardening
  • Special Event days

Why contribute?

We want our parents to be involved in our school community to support the extraordinary learning opportunities and enhance the school experience for our students.  Every school needs to fundraise, play and celebrate, gather to build up connections and open our school to their wider community – we can’t do this without you, our parents and friends.  As the school expands, it’s essential that more of us get involved and contribute.  These events are great learning opportunities, friendly and fun, and will become treasured memories for your family.

Our Student Leaders work alongside our Parents & Friends Group to make our school the best place it can be for our community. They share responsibilities, make decisions together and support each other to organise special events that raise funds for the community.

For anyone wishing to help out, please contact Donna Rutherford.