Music & Drama

This year our school has a music/drama specialist, who operates across all ten classes for one hour each week.

All students are focusing on the Musical elements – beat and rhythm, duration, pitch, dynamics, texture, tempo, structure and timbre.

Through the Music Program students will

  • use their bodies and voices to communicate an imaginative and sensitive
  • response to stimulus material
  • have an awareness of sound, silence, beat/pulse and pitch when singing and playing
  • tuned and untuned instruments
  • find effective ways to use sound or silence to communicate imagined ideas, sounds and voices, effects and feelings
  • use learned and practised skills and techniques to effectively apply selected musical equipment and technologies
  • demonstrate an awareness of the ways themselves and others express ideas, feelings and purpose through music
  • understand how ideas and feelings are explored and developed through music
  • participate in discussions about cultural and historic contexts of a variety of musical pieces
  • explore key features of musical works from our own and other cultures and times, that show an emerging understanding of the contexts
  • create and present works in a range of arts forms that communicate experiences, ideas and concept