Welcome to Year 3/4 Teacher is Year 3/4: Room 2: Anna Bertoncello Room 3: Katrina Johnstone (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) and Nicole Lacey (Wednesday and Thursday) Literacy In Term 3 students will be writing descriptions, poetry and procedure texts. Our focus in Reading will be maintaining fluency, adjusting, summarising, making connections and synthesizing. We use SMART Spelling in our classrooms with a different sound learnt each week. Numeracy In Term 3 students will be focusing on place value, multiplication and division and addition and subtraction. Students will also be learning about mass, capacity and volume, time and symmetry. Students use open ended tasks to practise their skills including the four proficiencies – fluency, problem solving, reasoning and understanding. Inquiry Learning During Term 3 students are learning about Geography and Design Technology. We are learning about the environment and how different vegetation grows in different places. We will then be designing a garden for our school. Home Tasks Home reading will be a focus in Term 3. Home reading is really important to help students practise the skills they are learning in the classroom. Please fill out their home reading diary each night. This term we are including spelling homework along with home reading. Students need to complete a look, cover, write check sheet each night and return on Friday.