English as an Additional Language – EAL

Here at Lightning Reef Primary School we have a large community of students of which English is not there first language. A majority of these students are Karen refugees and often have very limited to no English when they arrive at our school.  This support program aims to develop students’ English to enable them to participate fully in within our learning environment and to enhance their learning outcomes. These students come from a variety of backgrounds, including immigrant and refugee backgrounds. They are often faced with issues of settlement, language, trauma or poverty in addition to the challenges they face as learners of the English language.  The course provides students with skills for everyday school routines as well as the formal skills of reading, writing, spelling, oral communication and structured grammar.

Lightning Reef is very proud to employ a Multicultural Aide who is Karen for 2 days each week that not only supports students with their learning, but helps support Karen families within our community.