At Lightning Reef, we offer a diverse range of additional programs run by trained and qualified staff aimed at supporting students learning. These programs offer additional support and are targeted to the specific needs of students, providing them with the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention program designed for students who need extra support in their literacy learning. The individual lessons occur daily for 30 minutes, and are facilitated by a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher, for up to twenty weeks. The Reading Recovery Program operates for children in their second year of school.
The lessons consist of a variety of reading and writing experiences designed to help children develop effective reading and writing strategies. The program continues until the child can read within or above the class average and has demonstrated the use of independent reading and writing strategies.


EMU is a research-based intervention program that improves children’s knowledge and confidence in mathematics. The program offers intensive learning opportunities for students who are experiencing difficulty in learning mathematics in the early years and beyond. At LRPS, students identified as being vulnerable in mathematics in Year 2 and 3 are provided with half hour lessons, 4 times a week with an EMU specialist teacher. The primary focus is on developing strategies for accelerating student learning in counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with an emphasis on approaching mathematics with confidence and a growth mindset. The program fosters a strong link between families and the school, enhancing mathematical learning for students participating in EMU.

EAL- English as an Additional Language

The EAL (English as an Additional Language) Program supports students from language backgrounds other than English. The program is run by a qualified TEAL teacher and supported by Karen-speaking Multi-cultural Aides.
Working in small groups, the students engage in Intensive English lessons, based on conversation. Students learn to read, write, spell and communicate in English at their own level, regardless of their year level.