School Profile

The official Lightning Reef Primary School commenced on 1st January 2011 following a merger between Comet Hill P.S. and Bendigo North P.S. For the first two years Lightning Reef operated on the previous schools’ sites while the new school buildings were being completed. The outstanding new open planned facilities and large, newly redesigned grounds was functioning in the last two weeks of the 2012 school year. The new school has provided a great sense of pride and excitement in the community. The grounds are expansive and provide for active and passive play as well as a chicken enclosure and vegetable gardens. The full size gymnasium and indoor canteen ensure a range of indoor activities can be planned.

The Student Family Occupation (SFO) index for each school reflected a similar population profile and in 2015 the SFO is 0.82. The school is characterized as a low socio-economic school community.

There are nine education support staff (ES) including a bursar. The school has specialist programs in Visual Arts and Physical Education. Our English as Additional Language students (EAL) access an EAL teacher and multicultural aide.

The school has impressive support services and community partnerships for student and family support. There is a 0.6 EFT Primary Welfare Officer, visiting educational psychologist and Social Worker. Food Bank and Food Share sponsors the daily Breakfast Program. The school has strong ties with the Greater City of Bendigo Council who sponsor local businesses to participate in a careers program called Passions and Pathways targeting years 5 and 6 students.

The newly badged school has well-resourced classrooms and breakout learning areas as well as inviting external play spaces for students. The school is well equipped with ICT resources and is working through a plan to purchase quality software to engage students and extend learning opportunities.