All students at Lightning Reef Primary School participate in a weekly PE class and have the opportunity to be involved in many extra- curricular PE events. The School has excellent facilities including an outdoor basketball court and oval as well as a huge indoor gymnasium.
This allows students to participate in PE no matter the weather conditions.
Junior students focus on developing their Fundamental Motor Skills and participating in team games to develop their cooperation and understanding of boundaries and rules.
Senior students refine their Fundamental Motor Skills in games that encourage them to strategize and work as a team. Students have the opportunity to participate in many sports such as Athletics, Fun Run, Swimming, AFL, Soccer, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Softball, Cricket, Hockey and Badminton.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in regional and district competitions which include Swimming, Athletics, Soccer, AFL, Tennis, Cross Country and Netball.
Students at Lightning Reef P.S also have the opportunity to participate in the STOMP Dance program.
For this program a trained dance teacher comes to the school and teaches students different dance routines which the students then perform to their families.