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Virtual Tour of the School

Welcome to Term 4!


In literacy, we are focusing on using descriptive language and writing compound sentences. We are also continuing to work on capital letters and full stops.

SMART spelling continues to be an important part of our Literacy Program. Every week, students will have a new sentence and a word of the week. SMART Spelling craft is always a highlight of our week.

We will continue to make learning meaningful, by including lots of real life experiences, such as our very recent “ch” lunch.


In Term 4 students are taking a closer look at Place Value. In particular exploring numbers to 20.
Students will also be exploring time, learning the days of the week and the months of the year.


We are exploring Science this term. We will have fun learning about the forces of pushing and pulling, and also looking at what floats and what sinks.

PIE and Let’s Just Do It!

We are looking at positive gender relations and continuing to build understanding of our School Values. We will talk about friendly play and what to do when students encounter violence.