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Education Support Staff Fran Turner Jennie Williams Mel Fuller Edward Saw Nay Thway Aung

Special Thanks To All Families: At Lightning Reef Primary School, we are very fortunate to have dedicated families who did a fantastic job, while supporting your children during remote learning. We would like to thank all families for doing a wonderful job in these challenging times. It was great to see all work uploaded to Class Dojo every day, as well as hard packs being completed and returned each Friday.

Reminder: Just a reminder that all students are required to have drink bottle with their name clearly labelled on it.

Term 3 Learning: LITERACY: In Term 3, the Junior classrooms are investigating Fairy Tales. This unit will be incorporated throughout all our learning during the first 5 weeks of the term. The focus in Reading this term will be on asking ourselves when we are stuck: What would make sense? Does that word look right? Does that word sound right? What was that book about? In Writing, we are working on writing more than 1 sentence that makes sense, has a capital letter and full stop and hearing and recording sounds in each word. SMART SPELLING: Students will continue to learn spelling patterns on a weekly basis and continue developing an understanding of letter names and sounds. We will continue to break words into the sounds they can hear (graphs, digraphs, trigraphs etc.) and the letters that represent these sounds. Every week, students will have a new sentence and a word of the week. We will continue to make learning as meaningful by including lots of real life experiences.

NUMERACY: The Foundation/Yr 1 curriculum is based on solving real-life problems, thinking aloud and using various materials to assist mathematical thinking. In Term 3 students are learning about joining two groups of numbers together. We are also learning about two dimensional shapes, and revising counting to twenty and beyond.

INQUIRY: In Inquiry students will be learning about the Design Cycle and students will be set different challenges to plan and build different items from Fairy Tales. For example, designing a strong house that would be able to withstand the breath of the Big Bad Wolf (Three Little Pigs).

PIE: (Personal & Interpersonal Learning) In Prep/One we teach our School Values and related behaviours through games, stories, song and drama. Students work together on solving problems and discuss how we could best respond to various situations that occur at school and beyond. We celebrate when we show the school expectations, wearing our “Brag Tags” proudly! Students are continuing to build on their understanding of our school values and working their way through the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program that covers eight essential topics: Social and Emotional Learning: Emotional Literacy; Personal Strengths; Positive Coping; Problem Solving; Stress Management; Help Seeking; Gender and Identity; and Positive Gender Relationships.

Foundation / 1

Teachers: Leanne Wells, Peter Millar, Nicole Lacey and Lauchlan Woodward.

Education Support Staff:  Fran Turner, Jennie Williams, Mel Fuller, Edward Saw, Nay Thway Aung.

Virtual Tour of the School

Welcome to Term 4!

We are all very excited to return to on-site learning.  Students have settled in extremely well and are enjoying seeing their friends again.

We celebrated Book Week early in Term 4. Everyone dressed up and celebrated, by enjoying activities related to some of the short listed books.

                                                        Book Week 2020


In literacy, we are focusing on using descriptive language and writing compound sentences. We are also continuing to work on capital letters and full stops.

SMART spelling continues to be an important part of our Literacy Program. Every week, students will have a new sentence and a word of the week. SMART Spelling craft is always a highlight of our week.

We will continue to make learning meaningful, by including lots of real life experiences, such as our very recent “ch” lunch.


In Term 4 students are taking a closer look at Place Value. In particular exploring numbers to 20.
Students will also be exploring time, learning the days of the week and the months of the year.


We are exploring Science this term. We will have fun learning about the forces of pushing and pulling, and also looking at what floats and what sinks.

PIE and Let’s Just Do It!

We are looking at positive gender relations and continuing to build understanding of our School Values. We will talk about friendly play and what to do when students encounter violence.


Grade 1 & 2 2020

Grade 1 & 2 – Teachers

Room 4:


Mr Tim Curtain

Room 7:


Mr Josh West

Room 8:


Miss Casey Wilson

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Grade 1/2’s Term 4 Update.

Rooms 4,7 and 8 have settled back into onsite learning and are busy finishing off the remainder of the year.

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In reading students have been exploring Non-Fiction texts with a focus on summarizing and searching for and locating information.






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In writing students have been using a variety of picture prompts to create interesting stories with a focus on including compound and complex sentences. 



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In numeracy students have been revisiting a variety of topics covered in Remote Learning to strengthen and consolidate their learning over this time. This main focus has been addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


In Inquiry students have been exploring science by participating in some experiments that involve pushes, pulls, floating and sinking.  In the second half of the Term students will begin looking at health and how our body changes as we grow older.

Throughout Term 4 in P.I.E we have revisited our School Values to help us settle back into the routines of onsite learning.


Welcome to Term 4!

Teachers in Year 3/4: Room 2: Anna Bertoncello. Room 3: Katrina Johnstone (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) and Nicole Lacey (Wednesday and Thursday).

Literacy; In Term 4, students will be writing procedural, explanation, persuasive and narrative texts. Our focus in Reading will be critiquing, inferring, analyzing and making connections when reading levelled texts. We use SMART Spelling in our classrooms, with a different sound learned each week.

Numeracy; In Term 4, students will be focusing on place value, number patterns, multiplication and division, along with addition and subtraction. Students will also be learning about chance and data, shape, mass, capacity and volume, time and location. Students use open-ended tasks to practice their skills including the four proficiencies – fluency, problem solving, reasoning and understanding.

Inquiry Learning; During Term 4, students are learning about completing a science unit called ‘Melting Moments’. Students are learning about how different materials can change their properties. In the second half of Term 4 students will be learning about celebrations from around the world.

Home Tasks; Home Reading will be a focus in Term 4. Home Reading is really important to help students practice the skills they are learning in the classroom. Please fill out home reading diaries each night. This term we are including spelling homework along with reading. Students need to complete a look, say, cover, write, check sheet each night and return on Friday.


The teachers in the 4/5/6 area are:

Room 1- Kellie Parsons,

Room 9- Amy Davies

Room 10-Donna Drum

Welcome to Term 3!

Literacy: In Term 3, students will be writing narratives and responses to various text types. When writing narratives our focus will be writing for different audiences such as the junior area of the school.

Our reading focuses will be based around analysing, critiquing, maintaining fluency, making connections and solving words.

We will continue to use the SMART spelling approach each week.

Numeracy: In Term 3, students will be focusing on financial literacy, decimals, percentages, ratios, shapes, graphing and interpreting data.

Students will use a variety of open ended tasks to ensure all students can achieve success in their learning.

Inquiry learning: Our Inquiry Units in Term 3 will be Money Matters and Natural Disasters, the students will be exposed to many learning activities which will broaden their knowledge and understanding of these areas. Individual presentations will be developed and presented to demonstrate their learning.

Home learning: Students should be completing home reading each night to continue to develop the skills and learning they have completed in the classroom. This is in preparation for the transition to secondary school where homework will be completed regularly.