Keep it Real Program

All students from Years 3 – 5 will have the opportunity to participate in the ‘Keep it Real’ program, which is as an extension of the PIE program taught school-wide.  The program is based on the personalised learning approach. Students participate in smaller group activities and complete projects that are student-centered and hands-on which relate to real life situations and events. Tasks complement the classroom programs and as such are assessed and reported on in line with Victorian Curriculum requirements.  The program places a large emphasis on each student developing confidence and building their personal and social capabilities.
Through combining students from Years 3-5, students have an opportunity to work with other students of mixed ages and abilities to complete shared projects and activities.  This clearly links to SW-PBS learning to enhance positive relationships, work effectively in teams, extend leadership skills and handle challenging situations constructively.

The timetable for this program has been planned to provide a range of activities and experiences to meet the needs and interests of all students involved. Projects this term have included (but not limited to):

  • Plan, Design, Build and Evaluate A Bird House/Egg Drop Challenge:  Design Technology
  • Dancing/Fitness/PMP:  Health & PE
  • Science Experiments/Bike Mechanics/Cooking&Gardening:  Science
  • Leading Preps through PMP activities:  Personal learning
  • Art-based projects/Drawing:  Visual Arts