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Special Thanks To All Families: At Lightning Reef Primary School, we are very fortunate to have dedicated families who did a fantastic job, while supporting your children during remote learning. We would like to thank all families for doing a wonderful job in these challenging times. It was great to see all work uploaded to Class Dojo every day, as well as hard packs being completed and returned each Friday.

Reminder: Just a reminder that all students are required to have drink bottle with their name clearly labelled on it.

Term 3 Learning: LITERACY: In Term 3, the Junior classrooms are investigating Fairy Tales. This unit will be incorporated throughout all our learning during the first 5 weeks of the term. The focus in Reading this term will be on asking ourselves when we are stuck: What would make sense? Does that word look right? Does that word sound right? What was that book about? In Writing, we are working on writing more than 1 sentence that makes sense, has a capital letter and full stop and hearing and recording sounds in each word. SMART SPELLING: Students will continue to learn spelling patterns on a weekly basis and continue developing an understanding of letter names and sounds. We will continue to break words into the sounds they can hear (graphs, digraphs, trigraphs etc.) and the letters that represent these sounds. Every week, students will have a new sentence and a word of the week. We will continue to make learning as meaningful by including lots of real life experiences.

NUMERACY: The Foundation/Yr 1 curriculum is based on solving real-life problems, thinking aloud and using various materials to assist mathematical thinking. In Term 3 students are learning about joining two groups of numbers together. We are also learning about two dimensional shapes, and revising counting to twenty and beyond.

INQUIRY: In Inquiry students will be learning about the Design Cycle and students will be set different challenges to plan and build different items from Fairy Tales. For example, designing a strong house that would be able to withstand the breath of the Big Bad Wolf (Three Little Pigs).

PIE: (Personal & Interpersonal Learning) In Prep/One we teach our School Values and related behaviours through games, stories, song and drama. Students work together on solving problems and discuss how we could best respond to various situations that occur at school and beyond. We celebrate when we show the school expectations, wearing our “Brag Tags” proudly! Students are continuing to build on their understanding of our school values and working their way through the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program that covers eight essential topics: Social and Emotional Learning: Emotional Literacy; Personal Strengths; Positive Coping; Problem Solving; Stress Management; Help Seeking; Gender and Identity; and Positive Gender Relationships.