The teachers in the 4/5/6 area are:

Room 1- Kellie Parsons,

Room 9- Amy Davies

Room 10-Donna Drum

Welcome to Term 3!

Literacy: In Term 3, students will be writing narratives and responses to various text types. When writing narratives our focus will be writing for different audiences such as the junior area of the school.

Our reading focuses will be based around analysing, critiquing, maintaining fluency, making connections and solving words.

We will continue to use the SMART spelling approach each week.

Numeracy: In Term 3, students will be focusing on financial literacy, decimals, percentages, ratios, shapes, graphing and interpreting data.

Students will use a variety of open ended tasks to ensure all students can achieve success in their learning.

Inquiry learning: Our Inquiry Units in Term 3 will be Money Matters and Natural Disasters, the students will be exposed to many learning activities which will broaden their knowledge and understanding of these areas. Individual presentations will be developed and presented to demonstrate their learning.

Home learning: Students should be completing home reading each night to continue to develop the skills and learning they have completed in the classroom. This is in preparation for the transition to secondary school where homework will be completed regularly.