Grade 6 News

This term, the Grade 6 students will be involved in the Passions and Pathways program. This program has been operating since 2012 and is a dynamic partnership with education, business and industry sectors around Bendigo.

Passions and Pathways aims to engage upper primary school students to build an understanding of the ‘world of work’ through a range of authentic experiences in local settings. By lifting student’s aspirations, we hope they see the value of staying in school and completing Year 12 or the equivalent.

We would like to thank all of the organisations for sharing their time and expertise with us.


Grade 5 News

 COOKING (Inquiry) Grade 5s term 3 – Some points are listed below outlining what we have covered.

1. Hygiene – washing hands frequently and properly.

2. Safety – walking, ensuring floor is clean, using an oven safely, cutting, stove tops and pot handles.

3. Working as part of a small group or pairs ensuring each person participates equally.

4. Manners – learning how to eat politely at the table.

5. Identifying changes in foods as they heat up or cool.

6. Testing different flavour combinations and determining how to improve the recipes.

7. Following a recipe  – We have cooked Spaghetti Bolognese, scrambled eggs on toast, Nutella brownies and hamburgers (kangaroo and beef mince), pizza (making our own dough) and creating our own recipe for sweet or savoury scrolls using the pizza dough.