Grade 1 & 2 2020

Grade 1 & 2 – Teachers

Room 4:


Mr Tim Curtain

Room 7:


Mr Josh West

Room 8:


Miss Casey Wilson

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Grade 1/2’s Term 4 Update.

Rooms 4,7 and 8 have settled back into onsite learning and are busy finishing off the remainder of the year.

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In reading students have been exploring Non-Fiction texts with a focus on summarizing and searching for and locating information.






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In writing students have been using a variety of picture prompts to create interesting stories with a focus on including compound and complex sentences. 



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In numeracy students have been revisiting a variety of topics covered in Remote Learning to strengthen and consolidate their learning over this time. This main focus has been addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


In Inquiry students have been exploring science by participating in some experiments that involve pushes, pulls, floating and sinking.  In the second half of the Term students will begin looking at health and how our body changes as we grow older.

Throughout Term 4 in P.I.E we have revisited our School Values to help us settle back into the routines of onsite learning.